About Me

Hello to all monkeys, melons, long-nosed creatures, little things, big things, pink things, blue things and everything in between. Welcome to my fuzzy little inksplat of the internet, and thanks for stopping by to take a look at what I’ve come to call my doodles.

Like most doodles, mine all came about without me even noticing. They crept up on unsuspecting bits of paper unannounced and, before I would realise it, I would have scribbled something down on the corner of a newspaper, the back of my hand or a table top. After a few nice words from a few nice people, I started to doodle with purpose – and I haven’t stopped since.

These days, I just can’t stop creating hectic dotty habitats for all sorts of cute creatures, characters and their friends.  I mainly design handbags and cards as well as my whimsical jewellery range called doodllery . You can buy all of my lovely things here at my online shop called Little Moose.

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